NAGEL·AOBA PRECISION Specializes in Honing Technology

We are constantly suggesting our optimum honing process technology such as honing machine, tools, stone holder/stone, honing technology, test processing in order to satisfy customers' needs.

Support various industrial fields:

Automobile, Motorcycle, Marine vessel, Aircraft, Railway, Electric appliance, Industrial instrument

Support various workpieces:

Engine block, Liner, Gear, Cylinder, Hydraulic manifold, Fuel injection pump, Fuel injection nozzle, Bearing

New!EcoHone HRX

Multi-stage honing process automatically, Horizontal NC honing machine eqipped with robotic system and ATC


Superfinishing machine realizing universal machine concept

High process is possible for superfinishing various kinds of workpieces and creating different profile shapes.

Kadia More...

Linear drive high speed and high accurate honing machine

Perfect for super precise processing of fuel injection nozzle or pump

TBT GermanyMore...

High efficient and high rigid deep hole drilling machine

Support high efficient and high precise drilling process totally from machine and tools to drilling process !!